The development of the LevelLog enables us to meet the demand for a device to store and easily reproduce measuring data of the groundwater level. This demand formed the basis for this innovation.

After in 2010, the people behind VRM development had been able to successfully present the LevelSpy in the market, further developments were started on the basis of the obtained knowledge and technique. This resulted in the presentation of the innovative LevelLog, a clever measuring unit able to efficiently measure fluctuating water levels in monitoring pipes. The LevelLog distinguishes itself by its easy operation, the clear reflection of the data and the multi-employability of the unit which can be adapted to the most common measuring tube diameters. The handy unit can be installed solitary or as part of a measuring network. By installing a LevelLog at various locations it is possible to chart the groundwater level in a larger area.

Everybody in charge of daily monitoring groundwater levels will quickly recognize the advantages of the LevelLog. Time saving, reliability and flexibility in use are only a few of them. This device is highly user-friendly. Upon installation, the measuring unit is defined, the measuring frequency is set and the measuring data are periodically read by means of a mobile device such as a laptop or tablet. Water boards, governments, conservation organizations, engineers and planners make good use of this technology.

In short: the LevelLog largely simplifies the monitoring of the underground water system in a more efficient way than ever before.

Clever of VRM.