The measuring principle of the LevelLog is based on sonar technology. The measuring unit transmits and receives sound signals. The time between transmission and reception of the sounds is the basis on which the brain of the unit calculates and immediately shows the exact distance between LevelLog and the water level in the monitoring pipe. So there is no physical contact between the measuring unit and the groundwater.

The measuring data are logged. The LevelLog has an option to adjust the measuring frequency and the measuring time. The logged measuring data can be read and represented by means of a mobile device like a tablet, laptop or telephone and the software developed for such devices. The connection is established through a USB interface. The measuring data can be presented in graphical or tabular form. The measuring data can easily be stored in an Excel file. Through the mobile device the LevelLog can also be set and adjusted in accordance with the user friendly menu.

The LevelLog has a measuring range from 20 cm to 20 m and can be used on monitoring pipes with a diameter between 25 mm and 63 mm.